Your App Needs To Be Modernized: 5 Key Indicators To Find It Out

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Sometimes, due to one or another reason, you may find that your software doesn’t cover the needs of your business at full extent. In such a case, creating a new app from scratch is not the best way of dealing with the issue. Such an approach requires a lot of time, effort, and money. In most cases, app modernization can be considered as the optimal solution in terms of time and funds spent.

Modernizing an app implies that some parts of the original software are preserved, which makes the overall process less costly. Depending on the current state of your app and your requirements, app modernization may include some re-coding or adding some new features, such as providing access through the cloud services. If you’ve been using your app for years without any updates, there are chances that there’s some room for modernization. It can provide a better user experience and a competitive advantage in the market. In this article, we’ll consider some signs signaling that your app requires attention from software modernization specialists.

Your App Lacks Features That Users Need

One of the most apparent ways of determining whether you should take some steps towards software modernization is to monitor and analyze the experience of your users. Receiving feedback on your product, you can draw a conclusion on how you can meet the needs of most of your users. Also, you can make a research on industry trends to define the features that potentially can change the user experience drastically. Extensive research will help to figure out if a particular feature will bring any validity and add value for your customers.

Even if you don’t have resources to receive and process feedback from users, you can define that something’s wrong with your app in its current form. The most obvious sign is that your customers are exchanging your software for someone else’s solution. Usually, the reason is the limited number of cutting-edge features and outdated UI. In such a case, don’t panic and take a close look at what your competitors offer to the clients. Compare it to the list of features that your app has and decide which missing functionality should be implemented first. Also, you can rely on a software development company that will analyze your issues and suggest possible solutions.

Your App Has Bad UX Due to Poor Design

Even if your app has everything a user needs and even more, there’s still a possibility of an issue that can make you think of software modernization. The way of how users interact with the app is also a pretty significant concern. Bad user experience is a sign of poor design that affects the user acceptance of your application directly.

UI/UX analysis may be required every time you alter the design or add new features, even if the overall system is not very complex and seems to be pretty intuitive. Every change to the habitual order of things may cause frustration among users and make the process of performing well-known functions less familial. Sometimes, a full redesign is required because the original UI suited its users at the time it was launched and has become futile due to new features introduced during the years.

Your App Speaks Dead Languages

The world of technologies is constantly evolving, and some of yesterday’s innovations today are only part of the memories. Cutting-edge development technologies and new programming languages hitting the market regularly and make the process of development less labor-intensive and time-consuming. If a new technology is developing and gathering popularity among developers, probably it’ll be a good decision to learn more about it and take advantage of using it in your app.

If you have an app written with the use of Perl or some other languages that are rapidly losing popularity, you may be in trouble. Each day it’ll be harder to find a team of specialists that have enough experience for maintaining and updating the source code of your app. The longer you wait, the harder this task will be. Finally, one day, you’ll find out that there’s no possibility to make a proper update and fix a problem that your users faced.

It’s Almost 2020, But Your App Is Still Not In the Cloud

Once a fancy innovative technology, nowadays, the cloud is a competitive necessity. Moving your app from the rented server to the cloud can provide dozens of benefits and ensure significant savings. When you rent a physical server, you pay for its computing powers even if it’s underutilized most of the time. If your business has a seasonal nature, this approach may not be the most effective in terms of spending. Moving your app to the cloud, you receive scaling possibilities allowing you to adapt to your current needs.

If you decide to move to the cloud, you’ll be able to reduce the capital and operational costs of IT, increase IT capacity and extend the on-premises IT environment in the cloud.

Your App Doesn’t Support Mobile Devices

The ever-growing industry of mobile devices is an undeniable trend. New smartphones with new designs and features constantly arouse public interest and create new challenges for developers. The ability to access a favorite app without access to the PC is one of the determining factors for users to prefer one application over another. The lack of mobile support is another indicator that calls for your app modernization.


Your application requires close attention during its whole lifetime. The most common issues signalizing that it’s time for software modernization can include the following:

  • the app works too slow
  • lack of support
  • lack of mobile capabilities
  • incompatibility with modern systems
  • extensive training is required
  • the application isn’t solving your problems
  • the app lacks cloud support
  • and more

If you face one of these problems, most probably, time for app modernization has come. Software development companies offer services of experienced business analysts that can perform an in-depth analysis of your app to find the optimal way of modernization. Such an approach will help to keep your application up-to-date and is able to provide your business with numerous benefits.

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