A Square Deal: How to Hire React.js Developers and Don’t Spoil Anything

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For the past years, the IT industry was affected by various negative and positive events that demanded it to undergo many transformations. Some of the providers offer developers who are proficient in Node.js or Vue.js, others have more knowledge in working with Angular and Typescript. The list is endless, because each day something changes, and new frameworks appear or the old ones are getting resurrected. The front-end development is not an exception, which is why the front-end development services provided by various custom software development companies are very diverse nowadays. Having a wide choice means that you will be able to find a company that can meet your requirements and even exceed expectations.

If your business is in need of hiring a group of experts or you are looking for staff augmentation services, at first sight, it may be difficult to wrap your head around. However, following certain steps and having time to prepare thoroughly will help you greatly. In today’s article, we will look at the scenario when your business wants to hire React.js developers. Therefore, let’s look closer at the framework, what the specialists can offer, which skills they need, and what you should do from your side.

What Is React.js and What Does a React.js Developer Do?

Before hiring professionals who can provide you with the React.js development services, you need to understand what they can provide you with. React.js (also known as ReactJS or just React) is a free open-source front-end JavaScript library and framework, which is used by many companies all over the world. According to Stack Overflow, its popularity is not fading away and, on the contrary, only continues its growth.

React.js is perfect for building interactive and composable user interfaces. With the help of this component-based framework, it is possible to develop web applications quicker, more efficiently, and with less code if compared to vanilla JavaScript. It is popular for being chosen as the ideal framework for mobile apps and single-page applications (SPA). With React.js, there is no need to rewrite the existing code, and you can easily develop new features. The ‘Learn Once, Write Anywhere’ aspect of React is hugely valued by developers.

Besides knowing if React.js is what you need in your specific case, it is also important to understand what a React.js developer does. React developers are able to use not only this framework but also can work with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. When searching for developers to hire, you should keep in mind that React has its own knowledge base. It means that a specialist you choose has to know how to use the tools the library offers to work with it optimally. Thus, for example, it is common for the developers to utilize Redux, Enzyme, Webpack, or Flux in combination with React in order to implement UI components.

If talking about the responsibilities of a React developer, it is essential to understand which daily tasks a hired specialist will perform under your wing. Let’s look at what you can expect from such a professional:

  • Participation in meetings with the development team and transparency about the UI and applications ideas that an individual can suggest;
  • Understanding of the requirements that should be implemented to software and interface designs;
  • Identification of web-based user interactions;
  • Monitoring and improvement of the front-end performance;
  • Consultation with back-end developers and engineers to ensure bug-free and stable work of an app from both server and user sides;
  • Development and implementation of highly responsive UI components (menu buttons, gesture-driven actions, etc.) with the use of React concepts;
  • Troubleshooting and debugging of the app code and interface.

If a React.js developer possesses essential programming skills, is ready to face difficulties, and is able to learn from their mistakes, you can be sure that such an expert will bring success into the development process.

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When Does Your Business Need to Hire React.js Developers and How to Avoid Mistakes?

Many factors may affect the reason behind adding more developers into your current in-house development team. The main aspect is the size of your company. Depending on the size, it is possible that you already have a team with needed skills or don’t have at all. There are many situations, so let’s take a closer look at how the size of your company influences your decision.

Startup Business

When you are just starting your journey, it is highly plausible that you only have a couple of specialists and may lack a great number of developers. Typically, such a type of business also doesn’t possess an extensive development budget. Choosing to hire a developer who knows React.js is your lifesaver in this case, because the framework allows to optimize the reusable components and integrate them without any problems into the website or software development. As a result, less hours and money will be spent. Besides that, React has a great community that can support you along the way to make the task easier. Different programmers contribute to the library, and many questions can be answered via GitHub.

The fact that you have a startup company can also affect the choice of the level a specialist possesses. A senior professional can be too expensive for you at the moment, while hiring a junior or middle developer may be just perfect. A junior developer’s skills will grow along with your business, while a middle expert will be able to teach your team something useful. Reducing costs and implementing successful practices is what matters for a startup, so it all depends on the resources you are ready to spend on hiring. Software development for startups offer many options, so don’t be afraid of searching.

Mid-Sized Business

In case you operate a medium business, the situation may be a little different. Such a company needs stability in order to ensure its future growth without losing current progress and achievements. Having a React.js developer helps in building up confidence about the future, because this framework has become more popular since the year it was released. The business may already have a group of specialists with the needed skills or some of them may be busy with the other tasks. Therefore, it is vital to define your goals. If the development team is full with the other tasks, maybe it is better to not overload them with work and just hire an outsource specialist.

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Enterprise Business

When talking about the large-sized companies, it is important to mention that they include various kinds of specialists with different levels of expertise. Each of these businesses has their own reasons to hire a dedicated team of developers, and most of them are similar to the ones that smaller companies experience. It means that all the benefits that a hired React developer brings are also applicable to enterprises.

Such a company wants more streamlined testing and a lot faster rendering, which is why the choice of React is not surprising. An enterprise stands on solid ground, so the reasons for searching for help may be very specific in every situation.

Each case is individual, and the plan and goals of one company will differ from the other one. If you want to avoid possible mistakes and find a team of professionals suitable for your needs regardless of your company’s type, we recommend to follow these common steps:

  • Define your requirements, deadlines, and available resources for a project;
  • Determine the type of developer you need and which level of experience should they possess;
  • Check the availability of developers from your in-house team to know how many employees you need to hire;
  • Take into account the possibility of providing additional training for the hired specialists if required;
  • Discuss the costs with the chosen development team.

These are not all practices that you can implement into the hiring process, but you will get closer to success by implementing them.


Whether you are looking for a freelancer, outsourcing company, or any other way to augment your staff, you need to start with your own company first. Understanding your goals and needs increases the chances of hiring the best candidate you may find on the market. So, define which software you need and explore how a React.js developer can help a business. The perfect candidate might not appear right away or the suitable one might not seem perfect, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a chance. It all depends on your particular situation, so prepare to be flexible and radical at the same time.

If you have defined your requirements and goals and are in need of professionals with the experience in custom software development, you can contact us and get high-quality services that will lead your business to success.



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