Data Visualization Software: Making Visual Representation of Your Data Effective

Benefits of Using Data Visualization Software

  • Identification of correlations in relationships between independent variables
    With the help of data visualization, it is easier to perform this process and make better business decisions.
  • Market examination and immediate reaction
    It is possible to gather information from different markets and get insights to coordinate your business strategy better. By reviewing just several graphs on the screen, you get a clearer picture of the opportunities your company should grab. Data visualization tools help you to avoid making mistakes and pushes you to respond to findings swiftly.
  • Exploration of trends over time
    Trends over time tell you the past and show you the future. It means that you will be able to see the full potential of your business and make predictions based on the statistics your application gathered. The rate and frequency of purchases customers do can tell you how new potential customers might act. Thus, you can better predict their possible reaction to different marketing strategies.
  • Reveal of risks and rewards
    Value and risk metrics can easily be displayed through the use of data visualization software. It is possible to pinpoint those areas that may require action without the need to make your way through complicated spreadsheets and tons of numbers.

How to Build Data Visualization Software and What to Include

  • Webix JavaScript UI Widgets Library
    This framework with a set of JavaScript online widgets specializes in diagrams, charts, grids, graphs, and other data visualization tools. With Webix, it is possible to integrate ready-to-use components or even customize your own to get the needed analytics for your business.
  • DHTMLX JavaScript UI Tools
    This multi-featured JavaScript library with JavaScript/HTML5 tools helps in building web software and mobile business applications of any level of difficulty. DHTMLX offers a great variety of options from Gantt charts and schedulers to diagrams and grids.

Step 1. Preparation

Step 2. Selection of Data to Display

Step 3. Visualization




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