How to Enter Real Estate Business Swimmingly and Build an App from Scratch

Challenges You May Come Across and Type of App You Can Lean Toward

  • App for realtors
    Such a solution is created for covering all basic features that simplify the process of communication with customers. Thus, the functionalities you apply have to give access to the required real estate documents and reduce paperwork.
  • Property listing app
    This type of real estate application provides customers with the lists of houses that are available on the market. It should contain the basic information about each real estate item you offer.
  • Smart home access app
    If you want to provide your clients with houses or apartments with smart home features, you will need this type of app.
  • Home valuation app
    With this solution, real estate agents and investors are able to use private and public data on housing trends and past sales to know the true market value of a particular lot. It also can help in forecasting future home values or even determine factors driving those predictions.
  • Property management app
    If your goal is to provide property managers with details about their properties at any time, you can go for this option. They can use your software to see when rent is due, analyze advanced statistics of their business, and check maintenance requests.
  • App with virtual tours
    This option can be chosen if you want your sellers and agents to be provided with 3D tours to let them view properties online.
  • App for real estate agents
    It is used for managing documents, simplifying the listing process, communicating with clients, and so on to reduce an agent’s workload and make their job easier.

Must-Have Features to Include in Your Real Estate App




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