Top 5 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development to Follow in 2019

1. Stable Growth Trend for AI and Machine Learning in Enterprise Software

2. Cybersecurity is Still a Big Concern for Enterprise Software

3. Cloud-based Enterprise Software is a New Norm

4. High Demand for More Personalized Solutions

5. The Growth of IoT Devices in Logistics


  • AI and machine learning allows cutting costs and increase the overall productivity of your organization thanks to free time that employees can receive by automating routine processes
  • paying due attention to cybersecurity, companies can keep critical clients’ data safe and maintain a competitive advantage
  • cloud-based solutions help to increase the flexibility of a company and allows achieving a decrease in operational costs
  • personalized software solutions delivered by software development companies can significantly reduce time and money losses on modernization
  • the use of IoT devices and apps that can gather and process info received from them can significantly improve the work of logistic companies




#Outsourcing IT company with a focus on #web and #mobile app development in #ReactJS, #NodeJS, and #JavaScript.

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XB Software

#Outsourcing IT company with a focus on #web and #mobile app development in #ReactJS, #NodeJS, and #JavaScript.

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