[Video] Effective Custom Workforce Management System

Who Is This App For?

The workforce automation solution was designed both for small and medium-sized service-oriented companies (cleaning service, home care service, and more) which operate on a vast geography and has lots of dynamic processes. The system allows employees to liberate their time and enhance efficiency by using the comprehensive features of the intuitive HRM and ERP solution.

Market trends and opportunity

HRM by Forrester

  • Forrester estimates the HR management software market should grow by 14% to $24 billion in 2018.
  • SaaS HR solutions comprise 56% of the market in 2017, up from 36% in 2013.
  • The rapid transition to SaaS means that vendors are investing heavily in their SaaS offerings and very little in traditional on-premises HR systems.
  • In services, SMEs account for 60% or more of total employment and value added in nearly all countries.
  • 38% of organizations optimized global services delivery channels, excelled at global business services (KPMG, 2016)
  • The global BPM market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.52% during 2016–2021 to reach USD 14.89 Billion by 2021.
  • As providers embrace SaaS, Forrester estimates the cost of a large enterprise implementation could be cut by 75%.

More Details: The Main Features of the Smart Process App

  • Availability of entire information
  • Data capture and tracking
  • Fully automated business process management

How it’s beneficial

Using the created workforce management system, the service-oriented companies can:

  • increase the accuracy and visibility of relevant information
  • make better strategic and operational decisions
  • achieve business goals
  • find the required data by filtering faster
  • easily track their daily working time
  • manage customers information in real-time



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