Webix vs. React. 5 Reasons Why Prefer Webix

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Choosing the right technology stack for a web app is a task that requires extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. Possibly, the worst thing that one can do is to use the most popular technologies at the moment to demonstrate adherence to modern web development trends. The thing is that all programming languages, libraries, and frameworks were initially designed to solve a specific range of tasks. Therefore, if you build your tech stack “blindfold,” you risk spending time and money without any substantial benefits.

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building web apps user interfaces. React’s excellent performance, vast ecosystem, and rapid evolvement explain its popularity among web developers. But, despite all these advantages, in many different cases, you can find a JavaScript library that better suits your needs and expectations. In this article, without any in-depth technical details, we’ll talk about Webix, a JavaScript UI library that can become an excellent alternative to React.

When Choosing Webix is A Good Decision

Before we start considering the benefits that Webix development can bring and why you may prefer it and not React. Let’s take a closer look at both React and Webix technologies and briefly outline their main advantages.

After its first release back in 2013, React has become one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. The reason behind such popularity is that React creators have implemented a new way of rendering web pages allowing creating dynamic and responsive web apps with excellent user experience. React’s Virtual DOM is a technology that will enable updating the small parts of a web app when it is needed without affecting other parts of the overall user interface. As a result, UI updates are performed quickly, the React app works faster, and there are no memory wastages. Thanks to the possibility to reuse code written with React, developers can save tons of time and speed-up the development process. Once created, components for web apps can be used in new projects with some required adjustments. Also, React can be pretty helpful for creating mobile apps. React Native is a mobile apps building framework that provides the react architecture to native applications for IOS and Android.

Now, let’s take a look at the Webix UI library. It’s a JavaScript library and framework that allows significantly speeding-up web development without sacrificing functionality or user experience. At the moment, Webix provides access to more than 100 full-functional ready-to-use widgets of different levels of complexity. Among them, you can find complex Webix widgets (File Manager, Kanban, Pivot, etc.), data widgets, widgets for data visualization (dozens of charts and graphs), navigation widgets (menus, sidebars, and other components), windows and popups, layout widgets, and other useful things.

At this point, if you don’t have enough experience in web development, it may be not so easy to understand in which circumstances one of the technologies should be preferred. To shed light on this question, we’ll describe five scenarios when Webix can outplay React.

When You Have Limited Budget

The best thing about Webix is that you can get a fully-functional and good-looking web app for a relatively low cost. Webix developers can use a couple of code lines to add a new widget on a page and configure it. You can check the Webix demo page and judge yourself how little effort it takes to create a user interface for a web application using this library. The fewer code lines developers need to write, the fewer working hours you need to pay for. Therefore, if you’re looking for a great UI library for your startup or just used to not wasting money, Webix will be an excellent choice for your business.

When You Need a Result In A Short Time

Webix was initially designed to follow the real time-saving approach. According to statistics of using Webix in projects of different complexity, developers can save at least 3000+ development hours by using ready-made widgets and UI controls. The use of Webix allows creating user interfaces 30% faster, which helps significantly reduce the overall time spent on web application development. If you work in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market (which is almost any sector of the economy at the moment), Webix can help you keep pace while expanding your web applications’ functionality.

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