Webix vs. React. 5 Reasons Why Prefer Webix

When Choosing Webix is A Good Decision

Before we start considering the benefits that Webix development can bring and why you may prefer it and not React. Let’s take a closer look at both React and Webix technologies and briefly outline their main advantages.

When You Have Limited Budget

The best thing about Webix is that you can get a fully-functional and good-looking web app for a relatively low cost. Webix developers can use a couple of code lines to add a new widget on a page and configure it. You can check the Webix demo page and judge yourself how little effort it takes to create a user interface for a web application using this library. The fewer code lines developers need to write, the fewer working hours you need to pay for. Therefore, if you’re looking for a great UI library for your startup or just used to not wasting money, Webix will be an excellent choice for your business.

When You Need a Result In A Short Time

Webix was initially designed to follow the real time-saving approach. According to statistics of using Webix in projects of different complexity, developers can save at least 3000+ development hours by using ready-made widgets and UI controls. The use of Webix allows creating user interfaces 30% faster, which helps significantly reduce the overall time spent on web application development. If you work in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market (which is almost any sector of the economy at the moment), Webix can help you keep pace while expanding your web applications’ functionality.



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