What Is Telematics And How It Can Help Businesses

How Telematics Works

  • Average speeds
  • Accelerations
  • Tracking info
  • Braking tendencies
  • Tire pressure
  • Speeds at which turns are taken
  • Fuel usage
  • Idle times
  • Mobile telematics solutions of general purpose that are relatively inexpensive. Such devices have 12V connectors and can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another
  • Onboard Diagnostic Devices or OBD can be connected to the OBD port on the underside of the steering column. Such solutions can be considered as a more expensive alternative to the previous option. But, as regard, you’ll get Bluetooth or cellular networks support which will enable to gather a broader set of data to be used. OBD can be considered as a golden mean that provides the best ratio of price and functionality
  • Professionally installed devices and OEM systems are the most expensive options that are permanently connected to the vehicle

How Telematics Can Help Your Business

  • Real-time fleet tracking allows avoiding traffic jams, ensure timely delivery, and increase the overall productivity which will lead to better customer satisfaction and higher income
  • The automated notification system will let you know about risky driving behavior, accidents on the road, and other issues. With instant access to this info, you’ll be able to reduce harm from unwanted consequences or even foresee them and eliminate in advance. As a result, the safety of your business will increase significantly
  • Predictive maintenance abilities and remote diagnostics features can extend the life of your fleet
  • Excessive speeding and braking lead to fuel wasting. Telematics systems with built-in messengers can inform drivers about fuel-wasting driving behavior and ask them to correct it. This feature will help your company to reduce fuel consumption and decrease related costs




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