Why Consider Customized ERP Solutions for Your Business: BENEFITS, USE CASES

How scalable customized ERP solutions allow boosting SME sector business

  • Customer relations
  • Supply chain
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

Customized ERP solutions prospects for 2018. Expert opinions

  • microservices and open API’s for easy integrations and extensions;
  • fast in-memory computing with the ability to process large volumes of data in an instant;
  • a domain model with flexible and adaptable rules that manage workflows and modules’ interactions;
  • an unified information architecture that eliminates the need for a separate data warehouse, and simplifies access to analytics for all users.

How customized ERP solutions help boosting your business

  • Automating certain parts of an employee’s work
  • Troubleshooting single-purpose software
  • Ensuring the security of all company data gathered in one place
  • Creating a single solution for analysis and reporting
  • Simplifying inventory tracking and sales
  • Improving the cooperation between employees in different company departments
  • ERP as a system or single solution made from scratch. This option is preferable in case you don’t use any ERP applications and plan to apply for the services of a software development company. Business analysts will conduct a series of interviews to define the issues of your business and develop a proper software solution to solve them.
  • ERP as integrated modules for the existing system. This option allows improving the used business processes without spending resources on development and deployment of a new software solution. Instead of that, you can add new modules to the application that is already in use and carry out concomitant customization if needed. Among the possible options there are reports module, customers and orders management tools, workload management tools, time tracking system, project dashboards, and so on. Such solution can help to increase the efficiency of analysis, improve reporting, and allow making better business decisions without interrupting any business processes.




#Outsourcing IT company with a focus on #web and #mobile app development in #ReactJS, #NodeJS, and #JavaScript. www.xbsoftware.com

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XB Software

#Outsourcing IT company with a focus on #web and #mobile app development in #ReactJS, #NodeJS, and #JavaScript. www.xbsoftware.com

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